Report A Bullying Incident

Use the button below if you or someone you know have been bullied and you would like to report it.

Report A Bullying Incident

What It Does Sample Admin Dashboard

  • Bully Button® by Fortres Grand provides a safe and easy online platform to report a bullying incident.
  • Helps generates state-mandated bully incident reports.
  • Facilitates the tracking and reporting of bullying, relational aggression, sexualized aggression, cyber-bullying, victimization, perpetration, bystander observations, administrative response, discipline, and mitigation.
  • Provides a rapid incident alerting framework through text or email.
  • Creates a single secure school-wide audit log, tracking bullying reports, responses, and resolutions.

Why You Need It

  • Bullying is a real problem that touches people, schools, businesses, and the internet.
  • Prevention, reporting, retrospection.
  • Near effortless production of state-mandated bullying reports.
  • Immediately addresses the imbalance of power between the bully perpetrator and victim/bystanders.
  • Creates a redacted queryable database of events, reporting, investigation, and response.
  • Reduces the barriers to timely reporting of incidents and potential situations.
  • Thorough automatic audit log, from first report through investigation, resolution, and closure.

Why It's the Best

  • Easy to use online reporting.
  • Allows rapid anonymous or authored multi-platform reporting.
  • Near effortless production of state-mandated bullying reports.
  • Flexible alert mechanism.
  • Flexible querying, reporting, and summarizing.
  • Supports hierarchical administrative privacy and access control.
  • Optionally, in just minutes copy and paste customized HTML bully reporting form right into your own website.
  • Easily attach multiple witness reports, investigation notes, and responses to a single bullying incident.
  • Inexpensive.